Upcoming changes to Lordicon payment process.

Upcoming changes to Lordicon payment process.

As Lordicon continues to bring more animated icons to the market, we’re also making it easier to get the subscription plan you need. So we’re changing our lineup of plans to offer more choice and to help Lordicon fit better with the way you work.

How do these changes affect me?

Next Tuesday (July 13th 2021), here is what you can expect:

→ We will switch off releasing new license codes, which means we are leaving Gumroad marketplace to host our product. Nonetheless, you will still be able to activate your license code. → The price of the plans changes: $8/month (billed annually - $96/year) $16/month billed monthly → Payments will be instant; you will be able to connect your Credit Card, PayPal or Apple Pay to subscribe to PRO. → We will be relying on a robust Paddle solution that assures safe and tax-compliant international payments. → Plans will be manageable directly through the User Panel.

Do I need to take any action?

No. Current PRO or FREE plans will stay as they are. We wanted to make sure you knew there was no action you needed to take, no surprise price changes, and no loss of features or functionality.

How do I learn more about the new plan options?

Once the new subscription plans launch, we’ll share the details about its exact features so you’ll have the information you need.

The future looks bright!

Best, The Lordicon Team

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