Assembling 400+ interactive icons.
It may take a few seconds.

Essential Pack

Handcrafted & perfectly animated icons:

  • 400+ animated icons
  • Supported by Lottie Files
  • Perfectly Scalable (non-destructive)
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Highly customizable (color, size, animation player type)
  • Free updates (Purchase once and get all the updates for free)

Loop animation style

Animated loop web icons, work amazingly well with “on hover” and “on click” animation player options.

Morph animation style

This animated icon’s main characteristic is morphing between two objects.
Works great with “on click”, “forward and reverse” and “forward, hold and reverse” animation player option.

Animated accents

The animated background can be placed under existing icon, text or graphic element. To present it well It should be at least 1.2x bigger then the object above it.


After purchasing, updates are completely for free. We plan to issue 1500 animated icons. The more icons issued, the bigger the price is. Don’t wait and purchase now!

01/06/2019 - Essential Pack 1.0 release

1. New 50 free animated interactive icons released
2. 402 animated interactive icons release
3. Free “Lordicon Interactive Icons” WordPress plugin released
4. NPM and Github open source release

24/04/2018 - Essential Pack Beta release

1. Lordicon brand created
2. 50 free animated interactive icons released