Assembling interactive icons.

Icons are a fundamental component of all forms of communication, doing everything from identifying objects and concepts to issuing orders and instructions.

Their nearly universal understanding gives them an advantage over words, and theyhey are far more aesthetically beautiful while still effectively communicating an intended message.

This concept is developed further with animated icons. Clear, compelling micro-interactions dramatically improve user experience, which increases the attractiveness of your website, mobile app, presentation or any other form of digital communication.

We distinguish six principles of icon animation

Driving your message home

The difference between static images and animation is the addition of time. Adding this dynamic means you can communicate more deeply with your intended audience. The viewer will find animations easier to understand, your instructions will more accurately hit the spot, and you can explain how to use things much better. This applies for both functions of a product and the overall product itself.

Focusing on what is important

Animation allows you to put the spotlight on key information within a greater body of work. Color, type, and layout all remain important to your project, but animation strengthens your design or diverts your users’ attention to where it’s intended to be.

Charming with delight

Your user doesn’t just have to consume information in an emotionless way — animation can help provide a little relief and enjoyment to the process. Take the example of an animation being hidden, and then triggered by hovering over the icon — the surprise at seeing flawless motion will add a little delight to their experience.

Provide feedback

Actions can be backed up by animation, helping to communicate your message in a more effortless way. This eases the cognitive load on a user, and avoids any possible frustration that comes with negative effects like a 404 page or system error.

Express emotions

It’s much easier to communicate your brand values and set the tone of your product by using animation. These will also help your audience feel more engaged, captivating them using a range of emotions suited to your message.


Animation is one of the best tools available when it comes to the accessibility of your product. We are able to avoid excluding certain groups of users from receiving your message, such as those with color vision deficiency or sight impairment, where a color-based static image typically would.