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The world's yours to explore! Where will you go? This animated illustration allows for describing your location.

  • Deliver in 3 unique animation styles.
  • JSON (Lottie), GIF, AI and Adobe After Effects project files included.
  • Color Adjustments compatibile with Lordicon Editor

Illustrated by Kaśka Klas & animated by Tom Wilusz

Frequent Ask Questions

What will I get after purchase?

You get all illustrations above in 3 unique animation styles. Download Meeting Illustration for free to find out how it works! This video Lordicon Illustrations Walktrough presents you how to make a purchase and what are the deliveries.

How to Edit Colors

The quickest way to edit colors is to head to Lordicon Editor, upload the ".JSON" file, and adjust colors to your liking!

Do you provide custom design & animation services?

Yes, we do, and we'd be happy to turn your visions into an amazing design! Visit Custom Services to learn more.

How to embed Animated Illustration Chain on a web or mobile project?

If you want to achieve "In" "Loop" & "Action" animation chain on your website, you need to follow instructions on our Custom Element Github repository. Important note: this implementation is not compatible with Lordicon WordPress Plugin or Lottie Web Player.

Do animated illustrations add anything to loading time or page size?

Animated illustrations are lightweight (comparing to GIF files). As long as you don’t embed 10 animated illustrations on one page the loading time shouldn’t get significantly longer.

I am not able to change colors within Adobe After Effects. What should I do?

Color change expressions work only when the software language is set to "English". When Adobe AE language is set to German, Spanish, or any other language, the expressions will not work at all. Make sure to update your software language to "English" and everything will work like magic!