Assembling interactive icons.

Simple, transparent pricing

$0 /lifetime
  • Access 260 animated icons in all formats
  • Access remaining 1245 icons in static formats
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Use for personal & commercial projects
  • Create up to 1 collection of icons
  • Up to 1M views a month
$99 /year
Single: 1 user$99
Team: 10 users$299
Team: 20 users$499
Team: 30 users$699
  • Access 1505 animated icons in all formats
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Use for personal & commercial projects
  • Create an unlimited number of icon collections
  • Up to 1M views a month
  • 10% of profits go to charity

Would you like to use Lordicons in products like visual builder or themes offered for sale? Does your website reach more than 1M views a month? Learn more about our Extended License.

Frequent Ask Questions

What will I get after my purchase?

You will get a license code that will give you access to the entire library for 1 year. Feel free to check out the Lordicon Walktrough video which will guide you through the process of making a purchase, activating a PRO account, and using Lordicon Library in general.

What happens after 1 year?

There are no automatic plan renewals. You are purchasing a PRO license for a limited time of 1 year. This means the license will expire 1 year after code activation. Then, you will lose access to PRO resources. Nonetheless, you will still be allowed to use downloaded/embedded PRO icons in your personal or commercial projects.

What charities do you support with 10% of profits?

At the end of each month we collect 10% of the profits from the last month, and we donate it to a good cause chosen by our community. Learn more about how Lordicon community improves lives or join our Slack community and vote on causes YOU want us to support every month.

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I have been adding these to new website builds and it really makes them pop and the clients love it. I'm really happy with this purchase and it keeps getting better!

@Lordicon9 icon sets is cool. We're using them at @pragmaticcoders in our website based on #wordpress. Great value for money. #animatedicons #icons

The quality of the icon design is very high, with animations that generally contribute positively to the purpose of the icon. The library is growing, and the team are responsive to requests & feedback.