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Frequently asked questions


Free License: What can I do with free icons?

PRO License: What can I do with PRO icons?

PRO Extended License: Can I include Lordicons in themes, Visual Builders, or Plugins for sale?

How to credit Lordicon when using free icons?

How to activate lifetime license with Lordicon 1.0 Lifetime License activation (Appsumo + Gumroad)

Can I use your icons for printing (books, greeting cards, T-shirts, etc.)?

Can I use free Lordicon icons in open-source projects?

Do I need a PRO plan for every personal or commercial project I want to use Lordicon PRO in?

My license expired. Can I use already downloaded PRO icons for different projects?

Do you offer any special pricing for students?

Account and Billing

How to cancel a subscription?

How to change a password?

How to pay for a subscription plan

Where can I find an invoice?

How to cancel an email subscription

How to delete an account?

Refund Policy

Can I purchase only 1 animated icon?


Do you provide icons in animated SVG format?

Can I download icons for free?

Can I download all icons at once?

What formats do you provide?

How to save a color to a palette?

What's the best way to use your icons on the website?

Will Lordicon Embed HTML - CDN hosted icons always be available?

Do you have an official Lordicon Figma plugin?

Issues and feedback

I found a bug with Lordicon!

I have feedback about Lordicon


How to decrease page loading time without loosing animated icon quality?

Icons are not showing up correctly - default colors & watermark

Icons in Adobe XD are not showing up correctly - default colors & watermark