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At Lordicon, we believe that moving towards clearer communication is at the very heart of every icon, designed to perpetually guide us forwards.

Ultimately, we aim to preserve visual consistency by harnessing rhythm, spacing, and legibility in the pursuit of harmony. We do this using basic geometry, aligned on a proportionately adaptable grid.

Animation serves to heighten that core mission, adding a whole new dimension to the way we communicate. Animated icons bring static images to life, effectively expressing everything from meaning to function. They delight by doing more with less.

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8,552 icons

Decorative icons designed to be fun, expressive, and modern.

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400 icons

Icons reduced to their minimal form to ensure clarity and readability, even at small sizes.

How does it work? Select. Edit. Apply.

Pick an icon or collection of icons. Edit properties, then download in several animated or static formats.

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Types of icons Act Out. Stand Out.

Say hello to the largest family of animated icons. These Lottie animations work great with ‘Hover’ or ‘Loop’ animation triggers.

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Animation triggers The party never stops!
Welcome Triggers

Hover over the icon to play the animation from the first to last frame. Hover again to repeat the animation.

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Integrations Use your icons anywhere

From embedding HTML code to manual integration - there are many ways to add animated icons to your projects!

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testimonials Trusted by millions of users worldwide

I have been adding these to new website builds and it really makes them pop and the clients love it. I'm really happy with this purchase and it keeps getting better!

@Lordicon9 icon sets is cool. We're using them at @pragmaticcoders in our website based on #wordpress. Great value for money. #animatedicons #icons

The quality of the icon design is very high, with animations that generally contribute positively to the purpose of the icon. The library is growing, and the team are responsive to requests & feedback.

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