Assembling interactive icons.

We donate 1 out of 10 dollars we make to help people in need

Building beautiful icons for the sake of great design is not enough for us. This is why we give away 10% of our income to support people in need. Organizations we support:

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Jul 2021

Polska Fundacja Dla Afryki

This month, we have decided to donate Polish Foundation for Africa, which currently helps people in need in Madagaskar.

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Jun 2021

Sea Shepherd Foundation

We believe there is an inevitable need to fight for cleaner oceans and the earth. Together we can defend, conserve and protect marine wildlife worldwide.

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Jun 2021


A dramatic race against time continues. We have only have a few weeks to collect a huge amount of money that will save Kubuś's heart!

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Apr 2021


Liliana was born on August 20, 2020. Since she was born, she couldn't hear anything. To hear the world, she needs very expensive cochlear implant surgery.

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Mar 2021


Adaś was born on July 22, 2018, with a rare genetic disease - Patau syndrome. Today, after over 2 years of struggle, Adaś is doing well. It would not be possible without the hard work with rehabilitators, consultations in clinics with many specialists, and visits of hospice staff.

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