Assembling interactive icons.
Notable changes


Jul 22, 2022

New Wired Style: Gradient

Say hello to a new Gradient style with 2226 icons. They are a part of the Wired family.

Surf through Gradient style ➞

Jul 8, 2022

Lordicon 3.1

The new Collection feature:

  • Improved color change. Edit collection of icons consisting of one, two, or an unlimited number of styles.
  • Mix and match. Now you can edit the color or stroke change of all icons or go and update the individual icons you would like to adjust.
  • Download a single icon or entire collection in all available formats, including GIF.
  • Share collections with others. Now you can compose a unique collection and share them with your friends, team members, or clients! So they can easily duplicate it to their profiles!

Other improvements:

  • several minor bug fixes associated with the platform and download engines.
  • upgrade from a monthly to a yearly billing option;
  • morph icons will act as a boomerang, and perfect loop icons won't have a delay time implemented when downloading in formats such as a GIF, MP4, WEBP or APNG.

Lordicon has become a limited liability company. Lordicon Sp. z o.o with the HQ office at Podwale 62/313 in Wroclaw, Poland. If you are in the city - please stop by and let's have a coffee together!

Feb 18, 2022

Lordicon 3.0

  • 400 System Icons in two Outline & Solid styles;
  • 2428 Wired Icons in two Flat & Lineal styles;
  • Dedicated static SVG icon export, which supports color change;
  • CSS Variables support for System Icons;
  • User interface improvements;
Aug 25, 2021

Lordicon 2.3

We are back with new features to Lordicon Library.

  • Export icons in new formats (APNG, MP4, WEBP) including GIFs with transparent background.
  • Morph icons GIF export with perfect loop
  • HTML documentation with examples
Jul 13, 2021

New payment method

We are switching from Gumroad to Paddle payment gate.