Notable changes


Apr 20, 2023

Lordicon Platform Update

Speed performance improvement

We are pleased to announce that we have dedicated significant time and resources to enhancing the speed and performance of the Lordicon platform. Through a complete overhaul of the service's backend, we have achieved impressive results. In fact, our efforts have resulted in a remarkable score of 98/100 on Google Page Speed Insights. You can verify this by visiting this link.

New feature: Export animation frame to static image

From now you can easily export a specific animation frame as a still image. Pause the player and download icon as PNG or SVG.

An account required to export icons

We have decided to restrict access to Lordicon without requiring users to create an account. During the platform's development, we encountered significant issues with the user experience of our library. After careful consideration, we determined that we could not resolve these issues without saving user preferences on the account level.

By requiring users to create an account, we can now provide a more personalized and streamlined experience for all of our users. This move is part of our commitment to constantly improving the platform and ensuring that our users have the best possible experience.

Jan 11, 2023

Lordicon Platform Update

Brand new Guide Docs

We have drastically improved step-by-step tutorials and best practices for composing animation into your projects. Visit guide to learn more

Understanding Icon Animation

We dig into the university libraries to uncover a wide range of research about the use of animation in digital products and put it all together in a seamless article. Go to an article

New search engine

We have improved the algorithms responsible for the library search engines, making it much easier to find the icon you are looking for.

New illustration system

We have partnered with super talented illustrator Olga Semklo to develop a brand new illustration system for Lordicon.

Oct 1, 2022

Lordicon Platform Update

Separate CDN for hosting icons
This update dramatically transforms how we host and deliver icons via our CDN server. This means that every time we change something in the core of the Lordicon website, we won’t stop the CDN. This means that all HTML Embedded icons will be broadcasted on our users’ websites without any interruptions. In addition, this new approach serves better-compressed files, which significantly improves the loading speed of the icons, making them much more efficient.

NFT Launch
We decided to bring some of our artworks to a web3 space by offering a small collection of NFT collectibles that allow holders to access PRO resources and get unique gifts.

Learn more about NFTs
Jul 22, 2022

New Wired Style: Gradient

Say hello to a new Gradient style with 2226 icons. They are a part of the Wired family.

Gradient style
Jul 8, 2022

Lordicon Platform Update

The new Collection feature:

  • Improved color change. Edit collection of icons consisting of one, two, or an unlimited number of styles.
  • Mix and match. Now you can edit the color or stroke change of all icons or go and update the individual icons you would like to adjust.
  • Download a single icon or entire collection in all available formats, including GIF.
  • Share collections with others. Now you can compose a unique collection and share them with your friends, team members, or clients! So they can easily duplicate it to their profiles!

Other improvements:

  • several minor bug fixes associated with the platform and download engines.
  • upgrade from a monthly to a yearly billing option;
  • morph icons will act as a boomerang, and perfect loop icons won't have a delay time implemented when downloading in formats such as a GIF, MP4, WEBP or APNG.

Lordicon has become a limited liability company. Lordicon Sp. z o.o with the HQ office at Podwale 62/313 in Wroclaw, Poland. If you are in the city - please stop by and let's have a coffee together!