Assembling interactive icons.
About us

Welcome to Lordicon Kingdom

Lordicon is independet design and animation studio based in Wrocław, Poland. Our mission is revolutionizing the icon industry by framing life into the pixel form. Day by day, we create memorable designs, which cleverly showcase your brand's message in a higly visual, aesthetic manner.

  • Agata Kujda

    Agata Kujda


  • Gabi Młynek

    Gabi Młynek

    Junior Designer

  • Justyna Toton

    Justyna Toton


  • Marcin Baszczewski

    Marcin Baszczewski

    Full-Stack Dev

  • Damian Frukacz

    Damian Frukacz

    Junior Animator

  • Tom Wilusz

    Tom Wilusz

    Founder & Animator


We donate 1 out of 10 dollars we make to help people in need

Building beautiful icons for the sake of great design is not enough for us. This is why we give away 10% of our income to support people in need. Let's face it; there are people whose lives collapse over the night. May it be a rare illness to which the cure is such an expensive load to bear or someone's house just burned out, and the entire family was kicked out to the streets. Such situations need immediate help.

We do our best to become a helping hand in as many situations as possible.


How do you choose causes?

We give a voice to our PRO community. Once you subscribed to PRO access, you can join our Slack community to vote on causes and share donations available at this moment.


How often do you donate?

We donate at the beginning of each month through subsidy-focused websites or directly to a person's charity bank account.


Where can I see causes you supported in the past?

There are no such yet. We started this initiative at the end of February 2021. Once there are some cases we have supported, we will share pictures, and available donate buttons on this page.