Lordicon 3.0 Update

We are proud to introduce a new spectrum of Lordicon. Months of hard work finally show off. Here is what we have added or improved:

Wired icons got new styles (+2428 icons)

When we started designing outline icons, we knew they deserved a color version. Luckily, three years after the first Lordicon release, there is a time for colors! Most of the icons base on the same shapes across Outline, Lineal, and Flat, but some have been designed from scratch.

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Introducing new icon family: System (+400 icons)

System icons are designed on a 24px grid, reduced to their minimal form to ensure clarity and readability, even at small sizes. In order to match the minimal design style, animation has been reduced to its core. Every move of system icon must serve a purpose, manifest precision and communicate effortlessly. Additionally, System icons support CSS Variables, making it extremely easy to change colors on the fly!

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Motion Types

We have found a way to fit more than one animation sequence under one icon. It is easier than ever to switch between each motion type to use them as stand alone animations or combine and create an interactive experience. Motion types are common in System icons, but you can also find a few in the Wired family.

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Lordicon Platform Improvements

Lordicon v3.0 introduces several user experience improvements.

  • Each icon in the platform has smart action buttons, making it faster to add an icon to a collection, favorite or open an icon page with a full editor.

  • The quick edit panel in the library also has changed. The animation preview got the play/pause control with the animation length bar. Below you can find smart action buttons representing (from the left) sharing GIF icon on Twitter, favorite, adding to a collection, and revealing icon page with the full editor. Down below, you can find color & stroke adjustments and a motion type dropdown list. At the very bottom of the editor, we have revealed the most commonly used export formats and an additional button displaying all possible download options.

  • We had also improved the single icon page with the editor, making it more accessible and more user friendly to use.

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