Streamline your work

These hidden gems can make the entire Lordicon process even more streamlined and efficient.

Save time with icon collections

Icon Collections simplifies the process of selecting, customizing, and exporting icons from our extensive library, making it easier to edit and download multiple icons at once. Additionally, it enables the sharing of collections with other individuals.

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Create animation sequences

Some icons include multiple animation types, considering the actions they perform and the contexts in which they can be used. This approach empowers you to create unique and engaging user experiences by selecting a single or combining several animation types.

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Export animation frame to static SVG or PNG

Easily export a specific animation frame as a still image. Pause the player and download icon as PNG or SVG.

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Using GIF on the website?

GIFs have several limitations when it comes to web graphics. They are outdated, heavyweight, and slow to load, with lower color quality on the edges. Additionally, they are not suitable for creating interactive graphics. Fortunately, there are several much better alternatives available that can be used to create high-quality, fast-loading, and interactive web graphics.

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UX best practices

We have compiled a collection of guides on using static and animated icons. Learn more about how to correctly apply icons to your projects.

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