Unleash the power of icon animation

Icons are a fundamental component of all forms of communication. Their nearly universal understanding gives them an advantage over words. This concept is developed further with animated icons. Clear, compelling micro-interactions dramatically improve user experience, which increases the attractiveness of your project.

Driving your message home

Animation adds time and depth to communication, making it easier for the audience to understand instructions and product usage. This applies to both product functions and overall presentation.

Focusing on what is important

Animation can be a powerful tool for guiding users' attention and emphasizing important information within a project.

Charming with delight

Your user doesn’t just have to consume information in an emotionless way — animation can help provide a little relief and enjoyment to the process.

Provide feedback

Actions can be backed up by animation, helping to communicate your message in a more effortless way. This eases the cognitive load, and avoids any possible frustration on a user.

Express emotions

Communicate your brand values and set the tone of your product by using animation. Help your audience feel more engaged, captivating them using a range of emotions suited to your message.


When done right, animation can improve the accessibility of your product. It avoids excluding certain groups of users who may not recognize color-based static images.